Module 1 - Code Culture

Workload in hours: 100
ECTS Credits: 4
Units: 30


The module ‘Code Culture’ provides an introduction to and compliance with the principles of the cultural and social sector. The participants design first project ideas and test them for their strengths, weaknesses, degree of innovation and feasibility. They analyze them in the context of the cultural market and look at them from the perspective of the tension between social relevance and economic interests, which is the dilemma and, consequently, the charm of cultural projects in general. The social role and the transitional requirements for Cultural and Social Managers will be discussed and redefined. Basic and advanced knowledge of project planning processes are provided for the participants. Resulting from the different areas of interest of participants, an underlying, homogenous knowledge base is produced. By presenting resourceful strategies of time, budget, team, network and self-management and practicing with specific examples and their own projects, the participants create a toolbox for planning projects and thus gain understanding for projects’ stability. In addition and in conjunction with this work, they gain access to various financing structures and the different approaches to subsidizing and sponsoring projects.

Contents and Thematic Focus Areas

  • Codes of the Cultural and Social Sphere
  • Structures and Strategies
  • Project Planning and Resources Management
  • Budgeting and Time Scheduling
  • HR and Team Building
  • Sponsoring through the private sector
  • Project Subsidy through public trust and public institutions