Early Care Counselling


The continuing education master program in Early Care Counselling: Frühförderung, Familienbegleitung, Elternberatung (early care counselling: early intervention, family support, parent counselling) was developed on the basis of the experiences with the university continuing education and training program in Interdisziplinäre Mobile Frühförderung und Familienbegleitung (interdisciplinary mobile early intervention and family support), which was offered at the University of Vienna from 2002 to 2015. The new continuing education master program specifically enables participants to work with children with disabilities aged 0 to 6 years, with toddlers who are at risk of slow development, as well as with persons and institutions who are part of the family environment of these children.

Short Facts

Academic degree
Master of Arts (MA)
8 semesters (extra occupational)
120 ECTS Credits
EUR 15.500,- The course costs do not include 125 hours of self-reflection related to the area of practice (at least 50 hours in an individual care setting) and 14 months of infant observation. The related costs will amount to approx. EUR 5.500,-
October 2024